Achieve Your Sales Goals

Your website design can actually help you get customers!

If your website is getting a lot of traffic, but that traffic isn’t converting into customers, you might want an ‘outside opinion.’

During an Outside Opinion, I look at your site through a customer’s eyes. I understand website design and how it affects sales.

An Outside Opinion consists of reviewing the overall design of your website and how it supports your sales goals. This includes my 33-point checklist. Some of those points are covered below:

Site Structure:

  • Site identity is clear, easy to find, and above ‘the fold’
  • Title tags & descriptions are present and are the correct length
  • Headlines & subheads use keywords and benefit-rich language
  • Navigation structure is clear and appropriate
  • Links work, use action words, have clear meaning, and help SEO
  • Credibility information is included and easy to find


  • Pictures and charts are optimized to appropriate sizes
  • Graphics relate to the content and support the sales goals
  • Alt tags are present and use keywords
  • Videos, flash and audio are in the “off” position


  • Clear meaning – not too clever or ambiguous
  • Customer-focused using language your customers use
  • Benefit-laden writing
  • Keywords and phrases are incorporated into the message

An Outside Opinion includes an initial consultation with a quick look at your website and a review of where sales from your website are today. We also discuss what you would like to see your site achieve.

Then I spend some time and take an in-depth look at your website. When my review is complete, I send you a detailed report identifying your site’s strong points and weak areas. This report contains suggestions to improve your site’s ease of use, keep prospects on the site longer, and convert those prospects into paying customers. If your site's message is weak, I can help you with direct response copywriting to convert more prospects into customers.

Contact me today to get started.

If you don’t have as much traffic as you desire, I offer an SEO Evaluation to help you get found in the search engines.