Convert Prospects into Customers . . .

. . . through direct-response copywriting.

Your website is your online sales force. It works 24/7 to generate sales. You can help your online sales force close more deals and make more money online. How?  By using direct response copywriting.

Most websites are written from the company’s point of view – what the company does, how long they’ve been in business, why they’re so great . . .

But I’ll let you in on a secret – customers don’t care. They want to know: “What’s in it for me?”

Direct response copywriting writes from the customer’s point of view. It addresses your customer’s unspoken questions. It uses the psychology of selling to evoke an emotional response that makes your customers want to buy now!

Direct response copywriting develops relationships with your prospects, promotes stronger connections between you and existing customers, and gets a response.

I use direct response copywriting when creating the following:

  • Website Copy
  • SEO Writing
  • Landing Pages
  • Video Scripts
  • Newsletters and eNewsletters
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers
  • Sales Letters

Direct response copywriting provides clear, persuasive writing - focused on solving your prospects' needs. Keywords can be woven into your content to improve your SEO on websites, landing pages, and video scripts.

Contact me today to see if direct response copywriting can help you generate more sales. We’ll have an initial consultation. We’ll review where sales are currently and discuss what you’d like to achieve.

Then I’ll get started on the actual writing and in a few weeks you’ll have new content that meets your needs for whatever project you're working on.

If you have a new website, or are completely redoing your existing one, I can work directly with your graphic designer and website programmer.  I understand site design and basic programming, which helps me work with your existing team.

Let’s get started now so your online sales force can close more sales – and you can show more profits.