Your Million Dollar Message Wants to be Heard . . .

. . . But it can be hard to cut through all the marketing clutter.

Especially when you're trying to run a business.

I know. I've run a business for over a decade. During that time I've seen how difficult it is getting to actually make a profit while taking care of business.

By taking care of business I mean:

  • Prospecting for New Customers
  • Taking Good Care of Existing Customers
  • Keeping Accurate Accounting Records
  • Dealing with employees and vendors
  • Plus actually making a product or service

Understanding how a small business works helps me understand you. What makes you tick. What you worry about.

Let me take the first item on the list above off your plate. I will prospect for new customers for you. I can also help strengthen your relationship with existing customers. I do this through persuasive writing, aka copywriting.

As a bonus, I've recently teamed up with a fantastic graphic designer, Jennifer Guter, and we now help our clients systematize their marketing at Hero Marketing Tools & Printing.

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